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    Bangkok Post : Taking lessons from the floods:http://www.bangkokpost.com/tech/technews/206785/taking-lessons-from-the-floods
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    I liked a YouTube video -- กูรู้ ไอ้เหี้ย สั่งฆ่า 2 A Tragedy In Thailand II http://youtu.be/o4Xw4HlZwBs?a
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    I liked a YouTube video -- A Tragedy In Thailandhttp://youtu.be/Hg9hLxvzTaE?a
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    Conan loses one-third of TV audience on 2nd night |Reuters.comhttp://reut.rs/de22mb via @addthis
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    Glee's Teenage Dream Targeting Big Chart Bow Next Week | Reuters.comhttp://reut.rs/cuYABi via @addthis
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    Cable networks shine with stars, Conan, Oprah |Reuters.comhttp://reut.rs/90dZ5I via @addthis
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    Final Harry Potter movie will be like a war film |Reuters.comhttp://reut.rs/9CwILo via @addthis
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    Britain's queen wins 60,000 fans on Facebook debut |Reuters.comhttp://reut.rs/932y8R via @addthis
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    Few young U.S. women get full HPV vaccine: study |Reuters.comhttp://reut.rs/91Gg8F via @addthis
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    Popular energy drinks have hidden risks | Reuters.com:http://reut.rs/aTJU8G via @addthis
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    Mediterranean diet tied to reduced weight gain |Reuters.comhttp://reut.rs/b54Fob via @addthis
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    Red meat linked to esophageal, stomach cancer risks |Reuters.comhttp://reut.rs/bdPRDs via @addthis
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    Is your laptop cooking your testicles? | Reuters.com:http://reut.rs/bUh7YY via @addthis
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    Chocolate eaters may have healthier hearts: study |Reuters.comhttp://reut.rs/9k3RN4 via @addthis
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    Pregnancy after 45 carries risks | Reuters.com:http://reut.rs/daYqmo via @addthis
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    Omega-3's linked to a lower risk of gum disease |Reuters.comhttp://reut.rs/cs1uEW via @addthis
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    Flu shots safe for pregnant women, study finds |Reuters.comhttp://reut.rs/dok0SD via @addthis
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    Bone loss more common in HIV | Reuters.com:http://reut.rs/dobEXV via @addthis
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    Factbox: Dengue fever a risk for 2.5 billion people |Reuters.comhttp://reut.rs/amq8qv via @addthis
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    Q+A: What are the risks from a warming world? |Reuters.comhttp://reut.rs/97oFTq via @addthis
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    Prince William: Britain's modern prince | Reuters.com:http://reut.rs/cXvUvt via @addthis
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    Riyadh issues statement to reassure on king's health |Reuters.comhttp://reut.rs/al4mG6 via @addthis
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    Tensions with states grow over high speed rail |Reuters.comhttp://reut.rs/9vA4lq via @addthis
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    Q+A: How serious is China's inflation? What will Beijing do? | Reuters.comhttp://reut.rs/dtZNEL via @addthis
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    Myanmar people overjoyed but worry about Suu Kyi |Reuters.comhttp://reut.rs/aIp7BS via @addthis
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    Reuters cameraman Hiro Muramoto may have been killed by Thai troops during a street protest in April :http://reut.rs/90kDUN via @addthis
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    I subscribed to DNNTHAILAND's channel on YouTube.http://www.youtube.com/user/DNNTHAILAND?feature=autoshare
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    China in Photos: Fire in Shanghai, Water Runs Low in the Yangtze, China's First Jumbo Jet Unveiled at Air Show :http://on.wsj.com/dAeypm
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    RT @PCMag Stop Using Windows XP, Pleasehttp://bit.ly/clAElL
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    RT @PCMag Seven Deadly Twitter Sinshttp://bit.ly/bNom4w
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    RT @PCMag How to Get More Followers on Twitterhttp://bit.ly/bowNEW

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