H.fight malaria


'Super mosquitoes'
could fight malaria with a bite

London, England (CNN)
-- They are normally transmitters of the disease, but mosquitoes could one day be used to tackle malaria after scientists developed a genetically engineered version of the species that can deliver a vaccine.

'Super mosquitoes' carried the Leishmania vaccine within its saliva could fight Malaria with a bite - http://bit.ly/b9o9rw #cnn

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) About Malaria

Complied by: Dr. Watcharapong Piyaphanee
Produced by: Information Leaflet Committee, Faculty of Tropical Medicine, Mahidol University
How to protect yourself ?
If you are traveling into the malaria risk area, the best prevention method is to protect yourself against mosquito bite.
Here are some useful tips:
- Always sleep under a bed net (preferably a permethrin - impregnated one )
- Use mosquito repellents, ask for “ Yah tah gahn young “ (ยากันยุง ) which is Thai for “ mosquito repellent ”.
- Repellents are available as chemical such as DEET, or natural products e.g. Tropmed herbal Repellent cream, which is DEET – free repellent.
What is the recommended antimalarial prophylactic drug in Thailand?
Chemoprophylaxis is NOT recommended in Thailand. Where malaria is multi – drug resistant. No anti – malaria drugs can fully protect you against malaria. Moreover, you may have unpleasant side effect from the drug. Counseling with a qualified medical doctor is highly recommended .
the best prevention of malaria is to protect yourself against mosquito bite. Chemoprophylaxis is NOT recommended >> http://bit.ly/aBPKdo

Cambodia drug-resistant malaria stirs health fears

(Reuters) - In a dusty village near the Thai-Cambodia border, 24-year-old Oeur Samoeun sits on a dark green hammock recovering from a strain of malaria that has resisted the most powerful drugs available.

-resistance present in Myanmar, China and Vietnam...http://bit.ly/d2CrCp

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