T.Eye of Kannon


Amazing Stone on the Coast of Japan

In early May of 2010, I spent several wonderful days along the coast of the Izu Peninsula, about 90 miles southwest of Tokyo. The highlight was the "Eye of Kannon," one of the most extraordinary natural wonders I have ever seen. It is a near-perfect natural sphere, created over centuries by waves dashing it within a hollow in the tidal rocks.

This is the one of the most extraordinary natural objects I have ever seen. This loose stone, tumbled and polished by the action of the surf, is nearly a perfect sphere. It is on the Jogasaki coast, a beautiful area along the eastern edge of the Izu Peninsula of Japan, about 90 miles southwest of Tokyo.

This extraordinary natural stone sphere on the Jogasaki beach was formed by centuries of surf dashing it against the surrounding rocks. It is known as the "Eye of Kannon," or the "Sphere of the World," and is said to symbolize equanimity and compassion for all beings.


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  1. This is Dr. Andrew Weil and should be attributed to him.