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    The Elliott Wave Principle is a form of technical analysis that traders use to analyze financial market cycles and forecast market trends by identifying extremes in investor psychology, highs and lows in prices, and other collective factors. Ralph Nelson Elliott (1871–1948), a professional accountan

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    In case you are a new comer to forex trading, do you know which varieties of technical indicators are for the purpose styles of trades? And if you're already a

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        ‎1. Trend Indicators
        MACD, Parabolic SAR and the various moving averages
        are some a example of trend indicators and in addition they can all be employed to identify a trend. It’s widely argued you should only have business dealings with the trend so that all of the indicators will let you take the decision through your hands, and thus dictate which way you have to be trading. Your only decision now is at what level to input the trade.

        2. Momentum indicator
        Momentum are called strength indicators and record the speed of variation of price over the time frame. They can be like oscillators which can be capable on indicating whether forex market is under over sold or over bought situations. As long as they reach the over bought region, then it means there are actually great probabilities for the price to look down if they reach the over sold region, this would mean there exists more probability for prices to rise up. A number of famous oscillating indicators are
        Commodity Channel Index (CCI),
        Relative strength Index (RSI),
        Momentum and Stochastic indicators.

        3. Volatility indicators
        They are also called Bands indicators. The change in volatility will result in a cost change. Hence find out how active forex market is seeing the selling prices. You will choose trade should there be good variation in price movements that suggest forex market is active. Many of common volatility indicators are
        Envelopes indicators,
        Average Truth Indicator,
        Bollinger bands etc.

        4. Volume indicator
        They are accustomed to point out the volume of forex trading and are also beneficial to confirm the direction of an trend, a reversal or possibly a breakout. Price movements increase when the volume increases. Low volume may warn on the reversal within a foreign exchange trade. If a currency pair trades from the narrow range and then breaks out on high volume, it is a strong signal and will suggest a breakout. A few of the extensively used Volume Indicator includes Demand Index, Chaikin Money Flow, Money Flow Index, Simplicity of Movement, On Balance Volume or OBV.

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      • Kanj Love ジャスミン 
        “Don’t use too many indicators.” Just master two indicators and then stick with them. MACD and Stochastic are two very versatile and robust oscillators that you can master. MACD ( Moving Average Convergence Divergence) is the difference of two moving averages and is a momentum oscillator that gives overbought and oversold signals.

        In the same manner, Stochastic is also a momentum oscillator. Oscillator is an indicator that oscillates between two values. So, mastering trendlines, moving averages, candlestick patterns and either MACD or Stochastic will set you up as a forex trader and soon you will find your trading confidence increasing and profits increasing too.


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        Trendlines: Trendlines are one of simplest yet the most effective indicators. Many traders ignore them but to tell you the truth, trendlines are used effectively by pro traders daily in their trading decisions. Trendlines can be used to define the support and resistance in any trend. Though there is an element of subjectivity in drawing trendlines but with little practice, you can learn to draw trendlines accurately enough. Trendline break is a very popular trading strategy plus you can use these trendlines in placing the stop loss effectively.

        Moving Averages: Moving averages (MAs) are just the average of the closing prices for a certain number of periods. Moving averages are also one of the most simple yet the most effective indicators. There are basically three types of Moving Averages.
        1. Simple Moving Averages (SMA)
        2. Exponential Moving Averages (EMA)
        3. Weighted Moving Averages
        Many trading systems use these MAs in one for or the another. Exponential Moving Averages (EMA) are just the exponential average of the past closing prices taken over a period. EMAs place more weight on the recent prices as compared to the past prices unlike the SMA that places equal weight on all the closing prices.
        The cross of two MAs whether simple or exponential is used to generate buy and sell signals. Some trading systems instead use the cross of three MAs. Whatever, you need to master these MAs if you are really serious about learning forex trading.

        MACD; Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) is one of the most versatile indicators that applies very well to the forex market. It is basically the difference of two exponential moving averages, the 12 day EMA and the 26 day EMA. It comprises of two lines. One is the MACD line that is the difference of the 12 day EMA and the 26 day EMA and the other is the Signal Line which is simply the 9 day EMA of the MACD line. The MACD Histogram is simply the bar chart of the MACD Line-SIgnal Line.

        Stochastic Indicator: Stochasic is the fourth most important indicator that you need to master. It is a momentum oscillator and has two line %K and the %D. %K is the fast moving line while %D is the slow moving line. The default settings is 14 days.

        Always remember the K.I.S.S rule (Keep it Simple Stupid) while trading. Pro traders most often use only the above four indicators and with experience you will also learn how versatile and effective the above four indicators are.


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      • Kanj Love ジャスミン A Forex Strategy Using Elliott Wave Indicators

        There is always a five wave advance ( impulse waves) and a three wave decline (corrective waves). Waves 1, 3 and 5 are the impulse waves, wave 3 being the longest. Waves 2 and 4 are the corrective waves. These impulse waves are the trends in the market and the corrective waves are the sideway movements in the market.

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    Mini Forex trading is surely a solution for all the new Forex traders. Before the development of mini Forex trading, a nee trader with limited knowledge would

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      • Kanj Love ジャスミン 
        ‎- In order to get confidence
        It could be quite daunting going into the Forex trading having little or no experience and thus mini Forex trading is ideal for giving you a real boost. It allows you to have a practice run and so become familiar with the system you will use and giving you an opportunity to try out every little bit of the theory before investing for real. Mini Forex trading is a real investment, but you do not stand to lose as much while you are mastering your trading strategy as you would if invested in the Forex market from the word go.

        It is recommended to use mini Forex trading:
        - In order to be able to detect the problems and solve them
        If there are any flaws in your mini Forex trading, you could identify them right from the start and then use mini Forex trading in order to solve them. You could experiment and find yourself at the same time. If there are still some problems when you graduate from mini Forex trading, then the likelihood is that you will not experience as much success as you would have thought.

        - In order to make some investments before playing big
        The majority of mini Forex trading systems state that it is necessary to invest a minimum amount that is traditionally is about $200. That small investment could be used to make money if you play your cards right and thus could be able to get funds together in order to help you when you move on from mini Forex trading.

        - In order to give your broker s trial run
        By the time you move to the bigger markets, you have to make sure that your broker has your best interests at heart. Mini Forex trading is the best way to do so. If you have not met with success on your trial run, then it is better to look for another trading broker.

        - In order to get used to analyzing
        The graphs and charts could be quite confusing to any person trying to read them, but mini Forex trading systems will surely give you a win and thus you know what to search for by the time you move up.

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  • http://www.tradefxplus.com/trading/introtoforex/reasons-to-trade-the-forex-market/

    Today more and more investors and business owners are shunning traditional markets as bonds, stocks and commodities and start making their money in the Forex

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      • Kanj Love ジャスミン 
        ‎- Forex market never sleeps
        It is true that the Forex market runs round the clock. And thus you can enter a position or exit a trading position whenever you want or need. You do not have to wait for the opening signal as if you were trading stocks. It is quite a great thing because you can choose the best time for you to trade.

        - The daily trading turnover is more than three trillion dollars
        In fact, it is 40 times larger than the volume of all the US equity markets together. This means that you as a Forex trader could make millions out of the Forex market on a daily basis and the Forex will still have more money left than the New York Stock.

        - You can profit on both raising and falling markets
        In fact, you have absolutely equal potential to make money in rising or falling markets because it is only up to you to purchase currency or to sell it after you have determined the market trend tendency.

        - You can trade the Forex market from anywhere it is suitable for you
        If you like traveling, then Forex treading is right for you because you can easily take your lap top with you and that is all you need to make money trading Forex market. But, as well you have to be sure that you can access an internet connection.

        - Price movements are predictable
        Price movement is quite volatile in the Forex market, but the market is moving in trends and you could identify these trends – they repeat in cycle – with the technical analysis.

        - There are no commission fees
        You have to know that unlike the stock market, the Forex trading brokers do not take ant commissions on transactions.

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      • Kanj Love ジャスミン In order to trade the Forex market you do not need to have a great amount of money to start. In fact, you can start trading at anytime from anywhere and you will not have an order pending due to the lack of liquidity and you will not have to work all during the day.
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    US Dollar Recovery Hopes Hinge on Payrolls data, ECB Rate Decision Fundamental Forecast for the US Dollar: Neutral US Dollar sinks as GDP misses expectations US Dollar short

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        Sharp downward momentum and bearish market sentiment leave dollar risks to the downside through the coming week of price action. Yet steadily rising volatility expectations warn of tensions below the surface. As the third-lowest yielding major world currency, the US Dollar has become a favorite funding currency for the Global FX Carry Trade. If the Dow Jones and other key ‘risk’ barometers continue their seemingly unstoppable rallies, we might expect the US Dollar to move lower in kind. Yet traders should keep a close eye on ‘risk’ in a potentially pivotal week of price action. Heavily one-sided US Dollar short positions suggest that the Greenback could gain substantially on a deleveraging across global financial markets. – DR

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      • Kanj Love ジャスミン The U.S. dollar hit a three-year low against a basket of currencies on Friday and is expected to decline for the a sixth straight week in the coming sessions on expectations the Federal Reserve will keep interest rates low while the European Central bank raises them.


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